Baby it’s cold outside!

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Winter is here! The cold weather has hit the tri-state, and everyone is bundling up and staying warm. What about your pets? How are they staying warm? We often do not think that the cold weather can affect our furry family members like us, but it can. Here are some winter safety tips to keep your furry family members safe and warm this winter season.

  • Cats and dogs should be kept inside during cold weather. Just like humans, cats and dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Do not allow your pet to be outside for long periods of time during below-freezing weather.
  • Check under your car in the morning before you leave. Outside cats and feral cats will crawl under a car to be near a warm engine, and it can end badly for them. Make noise before you put the car in drive. Honk the horn a couple times and bang on the hood to dislodge any stow-a-ways.
  • Check your dog’s paws when you are going for that morning or evening walk. Cold-weather injuries can occur due to iceball accumulation. Check for cracked paws or bleeding.  After your walk, wipe down your dog’s paws, legs, and stomach. They could have picked up harmful chemicals such as antifreeze while walking.
  • Microchip your pets. Pets can become lost in snow and ice because they hide recognizable scents that can lead them home. Make sure that when you do microchip your pet that you put the microchip tag on their collar. If they become lost, they have a better chance of returning home if they have been chipped.  

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