The World According To Charlie

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Greetings and Welcome:

Welcome to my part of the Crescent Springs Animal Hospital website. This segment is all about me and my thoughts on the comings and goings at the hospital. To start, here are some fascinating facts on me, Charlie.

I am a two year old,grey and white male with handsome green eyes (according to the ladies)and a devil-may-care-James-Dean cattitude. I like long naps on my towel by the big window in the treatment room. I have a very important role here at Crescent Springs Animal Hospital. I am a blood donor and hospitality manager to all visiting surgery patients. I keep blankets warm for animals in surgery and when they come out of surgery I help to keep them warm while they are waking up. I know, it's a tough and thankless job, but I am the only cat who can do it! I came to live here when I was just a kitten. My first owner wanted me to have a good, permanent home that would take great care of me. What a better place than the vet's?! Plus, these humans needed me, I don't know what they would do without my services and uplifting personality.

Well, thank you for joining me on my first post. Please take a look around the rest of Charlie's Corner, I have lots of information about cats and their health and wellness.

               Have A Mice Day,


I was a comedian in former life. Can't you tell?



Baby it's hot outside! From what I can see from my window and how everybody is talking here, it's hot out there. Which means inside the hospital is the best place to be, considering I am not allowed outside!

But, for those of you who take your pets on walks or let them out in the yard, please take care of the heat and how it can affect them. Make sure there is plenty of shade and cool water to keep cool.
When taking your pet for a ride do not leave them in the car! In minutes the temp climbs to above 100 degrees!

            Keep Cool,