Happy Valentines Day!!

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It's almost here--February 14, Valentines Day.  This time of year you want to get that special someone a gift to show how much you love them; a romantic dinner, or roses, or a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Which is your favorite? Milk or dark chocolate? Our pet's do not discriminate....it's all good.

We know that chocolate is not good for them, and chocolate toxicity can be scary. Our pets are not able to break down the chocolate like we can. The higher the cocoa/cacao percentage is, the greater the danger. Any and all chocolate products should be stored in an area that your pet cannot get to. If your pet does ingest chocolate, you need to contact your veterinarian right away. Ideally treatment should begin with in an hour of ingestion, but we know that it is not always easy to do if you are not sure when or if they ate it. The following links will help when dealing with Valentines Day, chocolate, and your pet.



Crescent Springs Animal Hospital hopes that everyone has a safe and wonderful Valentines Day.